Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting My Feet Wet with Instagram

I'm an old dog.  So new tricks don't come easy, but I'm making an attempt to do some Instagram-ing (not sure if that's even a word.)  I have to admit, I know just about next to nothing, but I'm an eager student and want to learn. 

I even managed to get a 'follow me' link on my side bar with the help of my blogging buddy Jennifer from 1st Grade Blue Skies.  (She's the nicest blogger ever.) 

In any case, I thought I'd get a few random pictures this week and get started.  I promise (cross my heart and all that . . .) that I will attempt to get more on here over the next several weeks. So here they are.  Pretty random! What do you think?

We are working feverishly on addition and subtraction fluency these days.  I like to give my kinders lots of different types of tools for solving math problems.  These little lady bug clothes pins and the self-correcting subtraction (and addition) number line mats are a favorite.

I take it to the hallway any chance I get since I have the worlds smallest classroom and way too many kiddos.  With this week's inside recesses due to the rain and junky weather, this floor size number line activity was perfect for keeping them moving.  If you don't have one and want to know how to make one including the printables to go with, I have a free packet on TpT.  Click HERE to get it. 
In this activity, one student pulls a number sentence card and the other students write the sentence and solve it.  Then the 'hopper' hops out the problem to see if they are correct.

They're here . . . well almost anyway.  These are my Speed Readers Need for Speed Dolch Phrase Fluency cards.  I now have nine of my kinders that have mastered all 220 ball (Dolch) words so they need to continue to work on fluency.  So for the last several years, after they master ball words, I would have them work on the phrase fluency with Speed Readers.  I keep the cards on rings and hang them can see a little tennis ball sneaking a peak there too.  Students grab these and practice anytime there is a quick moment.  When I assess them, I have them do all 16 phrases in less than a minute with absolutely zero mistakes or correcting.  They LOVE it.  The cards and certificates are done but I wanted to make sure I gave you a couple extra games to go with the package so it won't be ready until next week.  But stay tuned . . .

How old would you be if you could be any age.  Obviously, he listens to his mother when she says no smoothing girls until you're 18.

Finally . . . we had inside recess so there was a bunch of 'free art' going on in my room.  All the talk about bugs and insects had this kinder making bingo dotter bugs . . . aren't they cute?

So that's it for my inital attempt at Instagram.  If you're interested in following me, click on the little Instagram icon on my right border.  I hope to get better at using it more effectively.  In the meantime, I'd love to hear any suggestions you all have.

In case you're interested, the product I used with the number line (remember, instructions and printables to make your own are FREE) is listed below. 

So if you're interested in hooking up with lots a great bloggers on Instagram, please make sure you head over to my buddy Michelle's blog at Apples and ABCs for her Instagram Linky Party.  We can all follow eachother.




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