Saturday, March 2, 2013

Getting ready for some St. Patrick's Day fun . . . and a freebie!

It's that time of year! When wee little McGuire boys start being more observant than ever.  Mom, who moved my backpack? Who messed up my bed? Who put an empty cereal box back in the cupboard?  Now any other time of the year, that would mean absolutely NOTHING to them.  But this time of year...we start suspecting LEPRECHAUNS.  So I'm linking up with my friend Mary over at Sharing Kindergarten, to give you a peek at some of my St. Pat's Day fun both at home and at school.

Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love this day.  So I'm getting myself ready for all the fun to be had at home

and at school.

Newsletters regarding Leprechaun traps went out this week.  My own boys are drawing up their new trap plans and are determined that this year . . . they'll catch one.

I have my favorite St. Patty's books ready. 

My latest I-Spy for word work has been kid tested by the most Irish looking of the McGuire boys. 

Of course, it's differentiated and aligned.  My son gave it a thumbs up!  He's my best kindergarten activity critic (and a cute little leprechaun himself.)

I'm emptying out my sensory table and readying my green rice for a real and nonsense word sort.  These 'gold coins' are old carnival chips that someone game me.  I wrote real and nonsense words on them and my kinders search to see who can fill their response sheet first.

I realized that not everyone had a bagful of 'gold coins' laying around and some of you don't even have a sensory table (I can't believe I haven't converted you yet?) So I have a little freebie to help you out. 

If you need a copy for your sensory table to literacy stations you can grab it here.  Make sure you try and get your hands on a nice 'pot' to put your pieces in. (It's all in the details!)

There's a new write the room ready to be posted (upside down because I'm sure Shamus, our classroom leprechaun, will be messing with the pictures over the next few weeks).  It works for beginning, medial and ending sounds, CVC, CCVC/CVCC and CVCe word work and this one includes a reading component. 

My gold nuggets are ready for use as manipulatives in math and games like addition bingo.

Don't have addition bingo.  Here's a freebie to get you started.  I like to use this for a fun activity on St. Patrick's Day.  My kinders love it.  Just make sure you have lots of gold nuggets around to help with getting the correct answer.

Being Irish, I have my own leprechaun who visits both my home and classroom each year.  I can be sure that there will be lots of mischief and trickery going on in the next couple of weeks. 

At least Shamus is kind enough to always leave a note and some chocolate coins in both spots to make up for all he does!  

So what's your plans for the big day!  I'd love to hear about it so drop me a line.  In the meantime, I'm honing up on my leprechaun feet-making skills.  If you want the step by step instructions for making some of your own, just click on the picture below.  

You can also check out the linky party from Sharing Kindergarten to get more St.Pat's ideas.


  1. Great ideas, Marsha! Thanks for posting all your pics!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. Cute post!! I love the leprechaun footprints and crazy antics!! :)

    Happy Teacher Heaven

  3. I love everything! Thanks for sharing your pictures. I can't wait for our little leprechaun to start causing mischief in the classroom. :)

    Lovin’ Kindergarten

  4. Adorable pictures and ideas. Thanks so much for the freebees! Love the feet!

  5. Ladies I need your help.... I have down that crazy leprechaun for years with the footprints and even the potty but my kiddios have gotten smarter. What is your explanation for the footprints being green paint? I always put them out the night before and they dry before morning but this kiddios question why they are green paint.



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