Saturday, December 8, 2012

What a week, differentiated holiday plans for word work and A FREEBIE!

Whew! What a week.  Is it just me or, as we get closer to the holidays, does it seem that everything seems to get crazier and crazier.  We had some fun with new gingerbread themed math stations this week.  I have some new word work stations on board for the next two weeks and a freebie to boot with this post.  So hold on to your hats as you get the speed tour.


It's been great to start my 15 Days Of Kindergarten Kindness this week.  My class has really gotten on board.  Above you'll see our 15 days ready to go.  Inside each bag is our new daily task of kindness.  You can find my original post on this by clicking HERE and it's also where you'll get the printables to get your own class started.

I started my holiday math stations last week and have some holiday word work to get me through these next squirrely weeks until Christmas break as well.
Here's what I have planned and a couple of freebies included.  If you click on the plan, you can get all the links to products and freebies in a pdf, or just click on the pictures below.

Word Work
Activity 1
I Spy Gingie Writing The Room- This activity covers beginning sounds, ending sounds, CVC word production, word family sorting and real/nonsense word sorting as an I-Spy Write the Room activity--definitely my classroom favorite.

Activity 2
Read, Write Smell Holiday Smelly Marker Fun FREEBIE. Smelly marker fun has been all over the bloggy world, and I'm certainly not the first to discover these, but I wanted to have something specifically for the holiday Scentos. My kinders love these Scentos smelly markers and here is an EDITABLE activity that lets you differentiate by writing in your own words for them to read, then write with pencil and then write and smell with the markers. FUN!!! 

If you haven't gotten them.  Get out an pick these little cuties up.

Activity 3
Deck The Halls With Differentiated Word Work.  This one allows you to use those miniature ornaments in new and meaningful ways if you have some lying around, or you can use the mats I made to go with the activity.  It includes beginning sounds, cvc and ccvc/cvcc word work.

Activity 4
Ginger I-Spy Letters/Sounds (for those kiddos still struggling with letters and sounds) or Holiday I-Spy Sight Words Dolch Lists 1-22

 or depending on levels of readiness

Activity 5
Roll Say Keep Gingie FREEBIE- This one covers Beginning Sound, and Dolch lists 1 and 2

Activity 6
Pokey Pin Sight Word Work.  Mrs. Miner has her sight word ( one for primer and pre-primer) Pokey Pin pack out now and so I love having my kinders use these.  It's especially good for those little ones that need extra fine motor.  And they love doing it!

Activity 7
Bead It (sight word bead work) and See Bead Write (cvc and ccvc/cvcc work) and Read Bead Write (letter bead work)   There are three options I'll have available for my kinders depending on their readiness levels and what they need to work on that week.  

Bead It-Sight Word Work

Read Bead Write - CVC and CCVC/CVCC Words

See Bead Read- Letter Bead Work

Activity 8
Moffatt Girls Gingerbread Freebie Packet Annie has this sweet freebie.  I want my kiddos to have a little fun this week with her gingerbread color by sight word and sight watches.  I love her stuff. I have her color by sight word pack and sight word watch pack and my kinders love using these fun activities to reinforce their sight word work.  I can also different the color by sight word pack to meet the needs of all my readers.

Activity 9
Mrs. Miner's Magazine Scavenger Hunt    I love Krissy's things and this magazine scavenger hunt is no exception.  I can choose from several different choices (like a year's worth) that she has to different for my different readiness levels.  There are searches for letters, sounds, sight words and other criteria.  Or she has some blank sheets that you can make up your own criteria.  Differentiated, fine motor exercise and developmental appropriate!  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Hopefully, all these activities will keep those excited little souls busy enough and engaged enough to keep things some what sane until break. 

Math Stations
I also wanted to give you a look at what I've been doing for Math Stations this month as well since it's my most favorite thing!  I love that by this time of the year, they have routines (almost) down, they know the expectations, where to find materials and how the activities work.  Plus they're just plain fun.  If you need more information on math stations just click on the pictures.

Differentiated, Self-Correcting Addition (part of Sweet Ginger Math Stations Galore-7 Activities in One)

Roll Say Keep 2D and 3D Shapes (Sweet Ginger Math Packet)

Ginger Order - Self-Correcting Ordinal Number Practice (Sweet Ginger Math Packet)

I Spy Gingie's Numbers- Differentiated Numbers, Counting and Making Ten

And then I ran out of time to take any more pictures!  Ugghh.  December is such a rush isn't it?  In any case, hope this gives you an idea of how I'm keeping my kinders on track during this hectic time of the year.  I still have two more full weeks left before break.  Will I ever get it all done in time?  Probably not.  But we're gonna have fun trying.


  1. Oh my goodness! I just bought the scented markers a few weeks ago! Thanks for the freebie!

  2. Hi! Thanks for the freebie! Where can I find the Christmas scentos?

  3. Love your plans! Thank you for the adorable freebie! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  4. Thanks for the freebie! I found my Christmas Scentos at Target a few weeks ago. (I have Santa, Mrs. Claus, and a Gingerbread Man.) I love the elf and snowman!

    You Might Be a First Grader...

  5. I love these activities! I went all over today looking for the Christmas Scentos and couldn't find them anywhere! :-( I was told they are very popular so everyone was sold out. :-( Oh well I have already grabbed a lot of other great ideas from this post!

  6. Ahhhh man! Did you try the Dollar Tree? Michael's? Walmart? Target? I'm glad you were to get some other ideas anyway.

  7. I went back to Michael's tonight, to get more Christmas scented Scentos....they were nowhere in sight, BUT I found the pens, chalk, highlighters, dry erase, and paper!!! Cool, right?!

    Your plans look amazing! Enjoy the gingerbread fun; we finished our unit last week and my kinders are still talking about gingerbread!

  8. Marsha,
    I am overwhelmed with inspiration from you! I teach in Reed City, and I just want to come and sit in your classroom, look around, and watch you teach. You are a ROCKSTAR! :) I hope you have a blessed New Years! Thank you for the ideas!
    :) Becca



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