Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm sporting a brand new differentiated Gingie freebie.

Everything's coming up Gingie lately! My classroom is no exception.  I've been working on some literacy and math gingerbread themed activities and thought I'd put a little freebie together for you all to use with your gingerbread activities too.

It's differentiated and aligned so you can WOW your administration when they come walking through and gander over at your lesson plans.  (Make sure you include that information.  It's what they're looking for . . . and when it's all laid out for you it's easy to transfer over to your plans.)
If you're looking for some other gingerbread themed activities, you can click on the pictures below to check out some other products I have available.

Sweet Ginger Math Stations:  7 Differentiated and Aligned Activities

Ginger I-Spy Letter and Sounds: Differentiated and Aligned

 Ten Frame Ginger Fun Build-Differentiated and Aligned
 Gingerbread Write The Room Math Fun:  Differentiated and Aligned
 Holiday I-Spy Sight Word Fun:  Differentiated and Aligned
I'm still working on a CVC CCVC/CVCC word I-Spy Write the Room by request so that's coming up in the next little bit, and I have a few more freebies up my sleeve so pop back in and don't forget me.


  1. Thank you Marsha! I now have 3 of your Gingie sets and one on the wishlist! So cute and I love that they are CC aligned and meaningful practice!

    1. oh thank you Cindy!!! That means alot coming from you. I wish you would send me your email address though. I need to chat at you about something if you get the chance.

  2. Thanks for posting this! I'm printing it now so it will be ready for next week. I LOVE all your stuff!

  3. Oh, my, I LOVE gingerbread! Your units look amazing--hopping over to add a few to my cart!

  4. As always, your stuff is fabulous. Thanks for sharing the freebie by the way. I've pinned this post to my December board.
    Grade School Giggles

  5. Thanks Marsha, I love your units, like you said in the beginning it is differentiated and aligned. Perfect for the Month of December!

  6. Love your items! So glad you are working on a CVC CVCC one. My kids loved the baseball...fantastic. I will be watching for your new item. Debbie

  7. What a fantastic and cute resource! I just pinned it (and a few of your other items) in pinterest. Thank you for sharing!


  8. Thank you very, very much for sharing this. It is perfect for my RTI group! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Adorable and will fit right in with my other ginger activities! Thanks so much for sharing! Can't wait to put it to use!
    ❤Mrs. McKown
    Little Literacy Learners

  10. These look great, I think my kinders will love them! Any chance you will offer them as a bundle? I just put 5 (4 Gingers + 1 Holiday) on my wishlist. I have such a range of abilities in my room (including ELL and Spec. Ed.), your differentiated activites are a lifesaver!!!

  11. All of these look great! I have to tell you that we did the Thanksgiving story bracelet and my kids LOVED it!! They were so cute, retelling the story After our mini-feast, one of my cuties was telling his sweet mom (who came to help with our feast and ended up washing everything up) the story and was so proud that he could tell it. It was the best way I have found for the children to really learn this story. Thank you so much. If you have any other bracelets, let me know and I will buy them all!!

  12. Marsha--- thanks so much, this is great! Let me make sure I got this right: does each player get their own roll say keep mat?, or they just use the one? Also, if the cards are facing down in a stack, and then the players draws 6 cards and lays them out on each section of the mat,what happens when they get to 'keep' the card that they guessed correctly--how do they go about putting another card in the section of the mat to replace the one they get to keep? Any particular way? I just want to make sure I understood the directions correctly. Thanks again for this freebie.

  13. You have WAAAY TOO MANY fabulous products!! and all differentiated and cc aligned. Wow--be still my pocket book :) thanks so much for the freebie--Gingie goodness coming up soooon!



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