Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Word Work Planning

I'm scrambling this weekend to get things done.   In some ways I see some progress happening with my kinders...we've hit 15 minutes of read to self, listen to reading is rocking and rolling and I have some good systems in place but with such a big class, I'm still tweaking how I want Daily 5 (my Daily 6)  to look run once it's completely independent. I don't  want too many little bodies at one activity and it's been a bit of an organizational challenge in my little room. 

But I'll try to get some more on that and some pictures this week so you can see how it's progressing.  For now, I promised I would put out some Word Work activities for Halloween and here is my plan for stations I will be using.

Of course you can just click on the plan and it will take you to my pdf copy where there are hyperlinks to all the products and freebies used. 

For a more detailed look, you can check out some of the descriptions below.

Station 1:  See-Bead-Write :  We're still working on letter recognition with many of my students, and I like this station particularly because it is independent, self-correcting and includes fine motor which kinders desperately need.

Station 2:  Poison Spiders:  This is a freebie I am offering from that fabulous new   PK-1st freebie site Freebielicous.  Go check it out.  I had all three of my boys playing it before I put it out to make sure it was 'worthy.'  Looks like they love it so much, I'll be making a numbered version for school.  It's differentiated too.

Station 3:  I-Spy Spooky Letter Sounds or I Spy with My Spooky Eye.  I put both of these on my plan because while I still have TONS of kinders who need letter and sound work, I do have others who came to me having mastered quite a few Dolch words.  I don't want to hold those kiddos back if they are ready to fly so I have the same kind of activity, but it's offered at readiness levels appropriate for the student.  By the way, if you can't use Halloween themes, I have this activity in a fall these too. I Spy Fall Letters.

Station 4:  Stamping Literacy Station from Krissy Miner.  It's so nice to have a purposeful stamping center that my kinders enjoy.  I still have some working on letter sorting but others are moving onto letter sounds this week. 

Station 5:  Spider Syllables This game is part of a packet of three literacy activities I have in Spooky Spiders Galore.  I needed a syllable activity that could appeal to my kinesthetic learners who need to move.  With this sorting activity I have three little ropes hanging from my ceiling.  I attach the spider numbers, one to each rope and my kinders sort the pictures by number of syllables and pin them with a clothes pin to the ropes.  (I'll try to get some pictures next week of it for you all.)

Station 6:  Magazine Hunt:  This is another one of Krissy Miner's fabulous favorites.  My kinders need fine motor and this fits the ticket.  They love searching and I can even format some of the sheets for my kinders who have specific readiness needs.

 Station 7:  Tricky Write the Room Fun:  Some stations are just a staple and write the room is one for me.  I know I have kinesthetic learners and I need them to move.  These activities solve that problem for me.  This one works on beginning sounds through writing CVC and even CVCC words (yes, I have a couple that are ready for that but most are still doing beginning sounds).

Station 8:  Spider Sounds  This is activity number two from Spooky Spiders Galore.  This one is self-correcting and differentiated and independent.  There is a building mat where students place their card.  Depending on the tier, they either write the beginning sound or the entire CVC word. When they are done they can open the card to see if they are correct.

Station 9:  Spider's Snack  Activity number three from Spooky Spiders Galore.  This one is for rhyming. Students place rhyming cards in a small pocket chart and hide two flies (spider's snacks) behind two words that rhyme while the other students hide their eyes.  Students try to guess which two rhyming words the flies are behind.  If they guess, they are the next to hide them. 

And that's it.  Now that they are done and printed and cut, I just have to run to school tomorrow and put them in their places so they're ready to go. 

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  1. We're having fun with phonemes from last Halloween and prior to the Christmas break, we did the same round albeit with a Christmas twist.



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