Friday, August 10, 2012

What's In My Cart and Deals for YOU!!!!

It's coming!!!!! Are you excited because I am!  I have my cart FULL.  There are some wonderful products out there and I'm delighted that I get to purchase them ON SALE. 

And of course everything in my store is on sale and I have some NEW  fabulous deals for you too.

For instance, I've put some bundles together that can safe you MAJOR $$$s. 

To purchase each of these individual early learning I-Spy packages would cost you $18.75.  But I packaged them together and am offering them to you for $11.00.  With my 20% store discount, that takes it down to $8.80 and another TpT discount brings it down to $7.92.  From $18.75 to $7.92 is an $10.83 savings.  You can get 5 for what usually costs you 2.

I also have a Dolch Word I-Spy Set as well.  Same math applies. Each of these units are $3.75 each normally but you can save $10.83 by purchasing the bundled unit.  Even if you have one, you are only paying the normal price for two to get all five.  (Don't you love a good sale?)


If you have been eyeing my Ball Word units, you know they are normally $4.25 each, but because I have bundles 3 for $10.00 and with the sale, you can get each bundle for only $7.20!

There's even a Dolch Word Bead Bundle . . .  All 11 Word Lists (you only see three in this picture) for just $10.00 minus $2 minus another 80 cents leaves you at $7.20 for 116 pages. 

Of course, all your other favorites (in fact all) like write the room, self-correcting beads and race cars and constructing numbers are all on sale too. 

And what's in MY cart?  I'm so excited about these.  Check it out.

I have two items from Caitlin Cabby's TpT store.  The first are these DARLING letters for bulletin boards and such.  They will be so bright and cheery for my room.  I'm gonna use them for a boogle wall and making words station.  Cute, Cute, Cute!!

She also has a great Apple unit that I'm gonna pick up.  I think this will be a great item for the beginning of the year here in Michigan. 

From Krissy Miner's shop, I'm grabbing her Survey Packet.  I think this will be a nice addition to my math stations or learning centers.  I like that their are enough for the entire year!!!  It's an activity that is going to appeal to my kinesthetic learners that need to move, my logical thinkers that like to figure things out and my interpersonal students who need to talk to others.  Home Run!!!

I'm also getting her Magazine Scavenger Hunt unit.  I think this will be especially helpful for those kinders that haven't master fine motor skills.  I'm always looking for activities that will move those little fingers and this one lets them work independently at their own level. 

From Tammy at Live, Love Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten, I'm getting this Alphabet Pack (It goes perfectly with Caitlin's Alphabet letters above).  I HAVE to have them!!!

I'm also getting her Classroom Helpers pack.  I can never find one I like and I LOVE this one.

Mary from Sharing Kindergarten has library labels I have my eye on.

And finally from Crystal, over at Kreative in Kinder I'm getting this Zero the Hero unit

and Q and U's Wedding how darling is this? 

I'm sure I'll find other things to put in my cart before the big sale starts on Sunday.  I have lots of shopping time left.  I hope take the time and fill yours too.  There's nothing better than shopping in your pjs is there?  Check out these other great items that are going to be on sale from other fabulous bloggers.  Where having a blog hop!

Have fun.



  1. Can't wait for the sale! You are certainly one of my fave sellers. I'll be purchasing several more items and will continue to follow you.


  2. I can;t wait for the sale :) I still need more items for this new school year :)

  3. hey i just hope that i can still avail those promos!I can't wait to have those items.Haha.It is really cool!


  4. Hi Marsha,
    When does the TPT sale start? I have a full cart already!



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