Monday, June 25, 2012

Getting Ready for Kindergarten Daily 5 Chapter 3!

Are you ready for Chapter 3?  Tammy over at Live, Love, Laugh in Kindergarten has put up our things to think about questions and it's time to get serious.  I'm going have some fun stuff to go over on Wednesday so make sure you check back.  I do have a little preview . . .

I'll be talking about my goodies in these boxes.  I can't wait to show you!
Until then though . . .

Things to think about while reading chapter 3:
1. Establish a gathering place for brain and body breaks. (Do you call your gathering place anything special? A few of my teammates did. Annie called hers the "Family Room" and Kim calls hers the "Learning Space." I need to come up with something better than "the carpet" lol!)
2. Developing the concept of "good fit" books (There are LOTS of examples of different good fit lessons in blogland AND Pinterest)
3. Create anchor charts with students How will these be visual in the room? Where will you store them? What about small spaces?
4. Short, repeated intervals of independent practice and setting up book boxes (How are you going to keep track of stamina? What will you use for book boxes? What are you going to put in those book boxes on the 1st day of school?)
5. Calm Signals and check in procedures (Do you already have a signal? How will you handle check ins?)
6. Using the correct model/incorrect model approach for demonstrating appropriate behaviors. (Will you keep track of inappropriate behaviors? If they are not doing what is expected, then they are calling out for attention...what other ways can you give them some extra attention so that they can be more independent during D5?)

Remember, Tammy is our host this week so you'll want to start there on Wednesday and follow all the bloggers that link up to compare notes and ideas.  And, of course, you'll be back here too. 
See you then.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I am not reading the book, but I have been following along and getting good suggestions.

    I always struggle with where to put all the charts. There is only so much space.


    The Very Busy Kindergarten



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